HOW TO: Use Powershell to obtain PC Serial Number

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Open powershell and enter the following :

Which will return the system’s serial number registered in the BIOS. Enjoy.

Autumn Clean/Update

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I’ve spent sometime this morning cleaning up the broken area’s of this site. The tabs plugin I was using in the Toolbox area wasn’t working and I’ve yet to figure out why or find one that I like, so, for the time being I have returned to the list format. Nice and simple. The “What’s… Read more »

Windows 10

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Download You can Download the Windows 10 Technical Preview for Enterprise Direct here once it gets published on the Windows Insider Program on October 1st 2014. The download will offer a burnable/bootable ISO-file of around 4GB. Windows 10 will bring back a full featured Start menu as a mix of the traditional one found on Windows 7 combined with Modern UI… Read more »

Windows 9 Leaked Videos

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Not much to add really, apart from I like the changes and can’t wait to play around with it. The question is do I dare install this on to my Surface Pro 3?

Site Down!

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I upgraded to version 4.0 and it took my site out last night, I was too sleepy to fix it last night, now it’s fixed.  Sorry about that folks.

Windows Phone Update Error 0x8188308

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The latest update from Microsoft for Windows Phone, the one that added app folders, would not install on my device Lumia 920.  According to Microsoft resetting you phone wouldn’t work, so after waiting for Microsoft to fix the issue and getting fed up of the update prompts, I took the plunge and reset my phone…. Read more »

Halo: Nightfall

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First trailer of Halo nightfall has been released. Here’s the official description from Microsoft: “Halo: Nightfall follows the origin story of legendary manhunter Jameson Locke (Mike Colter) and his team as they are caught in a horrific terrorist attack while investigating terrorist activity on the distant colony world of Sedra. Led by Locke, the Office… Read more »

Hyper-V 2012 : “no active network adapters found”

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So your playing… sorry… learning/working with Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) and installing/configuring virtual switches.   Your configuration doesn’t take and in the Job’s windows from VMM, you see something like the following: –   You log onto the physical console of the server and see that the network connection, now reads  “no active network adapters found”. Of… Read more »

Clicking Links from Word/Excel doesn’t launch IE

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Had an irritating issue, when clicking http links from within Word and else where, you receive something like : “This operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer” “Your organization’s policies are preventing us from completing this action for you. For more info, please contact your help desk.” This appears to… Read more »

Progress Update 2

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I missed my self imposed deadline.   iConfig is now up and running, shall we call it in Beta, it’s not perfect and there is a lot more I could do.  I wanted to get this out in the world and draw a line under it and if people like it then I shall invest… Read more »