Getting Distracted…Introducing SMTP Test Tool

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Like I don’t have enough projects going on, yet to be completed but coming along nicely. Working on networks and trying to prove SMTP is working through firewalls etc.. Most people just use Telnet, which is fine until you want to send an email, sure you can send an email via telnet. This can be… Read more »

Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 – Firewall won’t start, BFE won’t start, access denied

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I was working on a PC and the firewall would not start it had been infected by malware, I had cleaned it up but it still wouldn’t start. After some Bing’ing   I came across this utility of Eset. Download it and ran it and all started working as you would expect.

Progress Update 1

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I have been working on this over the last few days.  I was shocked to discover how close I was to a fully working application.  I’ve resolved a bug which was preventing the configuration being loaded by iOS.  I’ve tested on iOS 7 and to my surprise and relief all still works.  I’m currently working… Read more »

Virtual Box: VM won’t start OS X Mavericks

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Installed OS X Mavericks and VM Box now doesn’t work. I’ve been getting the following error, failed to load VMMR0.r0 (VERR_SUPLIB_OWNER_NOT_ROOT). Here’s how to solve. 1. Open Terminal 2. Type the following : sudo chown root /Applications 3. VM Should start. This was happening to me on the latest version of Virtual Box and OS X… Read more »

Exchange 365 : MX Records

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We have been running into issues of late with Microsoft’s Hosted Exchange (Office 365) Platform and reliable and consistent email delivery. MX Record Overview This is what I believe to be a typical configuration of a SME email configuration. We have a domain, lets say, has two MX records set, with different priorities set…. Read more »

Easy Print, Not So Easy

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Microsoft’s introduced EasyPrint to easy printing from a Remote Desktop Server (aka Terminal Server), it uses Microsoft’s XMAL printer driver.  XMAL is a description of an object in XML, its really cool technology. The cool thing is that you no longer have to install the printer driver for a remote printer on the Remote Desktop Server… Read more »

Windows Server Backup – the operation was stopped: Detailed error: The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error

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Basically there are two things that could be causing your backup to fail if it is a removable HD.  I am going to save you the trouble of reading this whole thread and catch you up. Your removable HD has bloatware (crapware, extra software, custom bios, etc etc…) that prevents windows from seeing it for what… Read more »

Happy New Year…. Again.

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Sorry for not posting a lot of late… I will resume my regular posts, which will be moving to Wednesday from Tuesday’s going forward.  I’m currently using all of my spare time studying for Microsoft Exams, hence why it’s been on the quite side here. I hope you like the new look of the site…. Read more »

Happy New Year

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Happy New Year to all my readers.  Hope this year proves to everything that you want it to be and more.